Stratum One of a Kind - Gambler Edition


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Stratum V2 “One-of-a-Kind” by OLC, is one of the signature devices in our Store. SX475J YIHI chip with a joystick controller, gives Stratum V2 a very special and classic look. Stratum SX475J comes in 3 different editions (Chrome, Black and “One-of-a-Kind”). The Stratum V2 “One-of-a-Kind” collection pieces are very limited and were hand made by a jeweler for around 1-2 weeks each. The “One-of-a-Kind” is hand made from brass with scratch resistant coating but some have of them use black molecular PVD coating which is very durable and also scratch resistant. The collection is very unique and contains only 10 pieces. Each piece was a special request from our Stratum Store team. It is hard to express our feelings towards Stratum “One-of-a-Kind” collection. The inner side of Stratum V2 “One-of-a-Kind” is made of delrin. The device is very elegant, concrete and durable. It’s size, makes it one of the smallest 18650 mods on the market. Stratum Store team is truly in love with this device and would highly recommend it to any vape art lover out there.

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