Stratum 303 LE Matte Ornament
Stratum 303 LE Matte Ornament
Stratum 303 LE Matte Ornament
Stratum 303 LE Matte Ornament
Stratum 303 LE Matte Ornament
Stratum 303 LE Matte Ornament

Stratum 303 LE Matte Ornament

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New Stratum 303 was created by OLC team with the aim to develop a first-class unique product that will not have analogs among luxurious and highly-qualitative vape devices. Working on the simplest details, the professionals transcended the limits of perfection making the piece excellent both functionally and visually.

The most prominent feature of the device is reflected in a special Mosfet created by OLC team. User can have maximum protection on all the levels of Stratum 303 work: protection from reverse polarity, battery recharge 2.65 volts, sticking the button, and short circuit protection.

Stratum 303  is extremely convenient referring to the new design developments and structure. Round shape, the position of the Fire button, the minimum size of the product (the piece is 1 mm smaller than the previous model) make the user feel absolutely comfortable while using the device. The bottle that is characterized by high humidity protection can be easily changed in just several seconds.

The Stratum 303  cannot escape from a passionate vape lover who values unique and beautiful things. OLC professionals created a piece of art that will correspond to the inner feelings of a user. Holding this tiny device in his hands, every customer will touch upon the great sense of its passionate nature and originality. 

Stratum OLC Squonk 303  is benefited with Mosfet specially developed by OLC team:

1. 3 clicks ON / Off. (LED blinks 5 times)

2. The Fire button is pressed:

• the LED is on when it is on.

• Off is not lit.

3. Protection against reverse polarity (LED does not light up)

4. Short circuit protection (LED blinks rapidly)

5. Protection against battery recharge 2.65 volts (LED blinks)

6. Protection from sticking the button.

7. Timeout 12 seconds.

8. The minimum resistance depends on the battery. (tested with Sony VTC 5A battery and 0.07 ohm spiral resistance).

9. Protection against ingress and exposure to juice when used.


1. Size: 75 * 46 * 24 mm

2. Weight: 127 g.

3. Battery 18650

4. Recessed 510 Connector from OLC max. 22mm Attys

5. Silicone Bottle 8.5 ml

6. Mosfet from OLC


1. Aluminum (D16T aviation industry)

2. Stainless steel

AISI 316

3. Brass

4. Delrin (POM-C)

5. Silicone

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