Stratum Store is the new version of the platform that presents not only high-quality vaping products but focuses on design, beauty, and creativity. Our mission is to provide customers with the luxury and hand-made vapes created with love and passion. Stratum store is not about business but primarily about art, freedom of vaping, and commitment towards vape admirers.

Shipping worldwide, we present the opportunity to have access to the unique and limited selection of Mods, Atomizers, and Accessories regardless where you are. Our design makers and beauty creators work on development and distribution of first-class products that overstep the old-fashioned age of cigarette smokers. Stratum store is a new and decisive step in the creation of “fluffy cloud" future where luxury and high-quality vaping is spread throughout the world.

The eye can miss many things but never the real beauty. Our Stratum Store transcends the traditional image of vapes giving one-of-a-kind and valuable feeling that most of the true vape collectors look for.




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