Dear friends,

Thank you for your love and support. We will give something special in return.

Since the beginning, our mission was to make the best High-end, vape store for you.

We give you, the new, updated version of Stratum store.

We, Stratum store are not just another distributor. We are also design makers, the beauty creators and lovers of our most limited vaping products. Our long-term commitment is endless, fearless and encouraging. We give rise to with passion, love and commitment towards our collectors.

For us, it is not about business. Stratum Store is all about love, Passion and commitment towards vaping! At we stand for art, freedom of vaping and passion. We stand for you, our dear followers & admirers.

We love what we do and we will keep on doing it for you our friends!

Our handmade, luxurious and unique journey will be going on. Go on, because vaping is the future.

Please be welcome to go through our limited selection of Stratum’s store precious pieces including Mods, Atomizers and Accessories.

Guarantied quality, luxury and concrete vaping in our bright and “fluffy cloud" future. The eye can miss many but never the true beauty. No matter where you are, Stratum Store will give you that One-of-a-Kind and valuable feeling that most look for.

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