Spyder Squonk by Epsilon Mods


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The fire button is made of zirconian stones which have been carefully selected for its quality. It is a 3.87 carat stone which is synthetically produced and it spots a brilliant cut for that outstanding clarity and shine. Using the zirconia, brings a new class of luxury towards the Spyder squonk which is the emphasis of its concept.

In the heart of Spyder lies the dual mosfet, Bomber Pro. Using silver coated copper wires (solid core) for its connection, it delivers the performance of a mechanical mod without sacrificing the safety aspect. In some ways, the mosfet allows some regulation of power, prevents overheating of firing button, reduces the risk of arcing as well as reducing oxidization on the battery terminals.  With merely 3 clicks, the mosfet allows user to lock the firing button. We are delighted with the functions of what Bomber Pro has to offer and results has been most encouraging!

The bottom feeder system using MM510 (Modmaker). Its a spring loaded pin and therefore requires no adjustments. Just plug on your dripper and vape away!

The reason we decided to go with MM510 is because these bf system has proven to be very durable and leak-free. We've also made some customization on the bf system to accommodate those that uses a beauty ring.

As for the top plate, we decided to do something innovative with it. As you can see from the picture below, it is a 22mm top plate that's almost circular (but not quite!).

We understand that in most cases when you unscrew your atty, the top plate tends to loosen as well. Some modders adopt screws to reinforce the plate but we decided a simple yet very effective way which is to alter slightly the circular shape with a minor trim to prevent the top plate from loosening. 

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