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Finally here we are, the Lord is the new project from the DB mods team.

The Lord is a 22mm lateral airflow, and internal chamber in peek, single coil flavor and mtl RTA. It boasts the airflow and vape experience of an RDA with tank comfort and convenience. 

It's simple and intuitive postless deck minimizes the dispersion of vapor and makes the vape as natural and direct as possible. Combined with the chamber in peek that keeps the vaporization chamber at a constant temperature, it creates an experience that doesn’t change the taste of your favorite liquid.

The airflow of the Lord is managed by an external AFC that allows you to find your favorite airflow simply by choosing one of the multiple combinations of holes. Removing the afc will showcase a bayonet system that holds the deck tight.

The afc is removable without disassembling the rta, which allows you to customize it at any time without hassle. 

The Lord RTA is made from 316L stainless steel for food use, and naval brass plated at 23 micron in pure gold.

As per tradition DB mods, each RTA serialized by hand according to the goldsmith tradition.


  • Type: flavor/mtl 
  • Diameter: 22mm
  • Capacity: 4ml
  • Build: single coil
  • Airflow: lateral airflow
  • Airflow hole: 2x 2mm , 2x 1.5mm , 2x 1.2mm , 2x 1mm , 1x 1.2mm
  • Material: ss316l, yellow gold 

1 Reviews

The best rta
never tried a better flavor than this, really amazing

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