BY-ka V8 RTA Nano set
BY-ka V8 RTA Nano set
BY-ka V8 RTA Nano set
BY-ka V8 RTA Nano set
BY-ka V8 RTA Nano set
BY-ka V8 RTA Nano set
BY-ka V8 RTA Nano set

BY-ka V8 RTA Nano set

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The BY-ka v.8 is a Belarussia made and manufactured RTA by Vape Systems. 

It comes with the nano set which includes:

  • base with lid, 
  • air duct (1.4mm airflow), 
  • air duct (1.7mm airflow), 
  • air duct (2.3mm airflow), 
  • nano bell, 
  • transparent nano bulb, 
  • black nano bulb, 
  • clear drip tip, 
  • a set of spare o-rings and screws for racks, 
  • special key for ducts.

At the end of the base there is a branded engraving with a serial number.

At the base there is a thread for the installation of replaceable air ducts with different variants of the helix airflow. Duct replacement is done using a special key that is included in the package.

At the base there is a blower adjustment ring. The thrust intensity is adjusted by rotating the adjusting ring relative to the connector. When combining the groove on the adjusting ring with a certain number of air intake holes in the connector (1, 2, 3, 4, or 5), there is a change in the force of "tightening". The diameter of the air intake holes at the base is 1.2 mm.

There is a stopper on the air adjustment ring for a more comfortable grip on the base of the atomizer. The adjustment ring is removable.

Racks on the platform are milled for the convenience and the possibility of installing various types of spiral.

The thread on the lid and the return part of the bulb is multiple, so the process of opening / closing the lid occurs quickly, in about 1/2 turns. Pay attention that the thread on the lid is left.

The platform on the base is milled forming two interconnected baths for easy laying of the wick.

The top and bottom of the base are connected with end screws.

Adjustment of the fluid supply is carried out by turning the bell to the required angle (number of turns), without additional tools. The bell is turned with fingers holding the visible top part. A milled mark is applied to the bell for the convenience of fixing the position.

Parts description:

  1. Driptip
  2. O-ring 6x1
  3. Topcap (left-hand thread)
  4. O-ring 14x1
  5. Tank
  6. O-ring 9x1
  7. Evaporation chamber (bell)
  8. Air pipe
  9. O-ring 2.5x1
  10. Screw M2x4 DIN 85
  11. O-ring 16x1
  12. Deck
  13. O-ring 13x1
  14. Adjustment ring
  15. O-ring 15x1
  16. Connector
  17. Side screw for connector
  18. O-ring 1,6x0,7
  19. O-ring 2,6x1,2
  20. Connector pin

Before use, it is recommended to rinse all parts which will be in contact with vaping liquid under warm water. Such an operation should also be carried out regularly during use. After washing make sure that all parts are completely dry before using the device.

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