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Black cap not included. Comes with the clear cap instead of black cap.

Spare airflow inserts

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The WICK'D RDA crafted to reach both ends of the spectrum, this is one of the most versatile atomizers on the market.

Designed to cater to all vapers, WICK'D is a 22mm single coil RDA that will be able to accommodate various coil sizes and styles. 

Both positive and negative posts are on one side with horizontal wire slots for easy coil installation and the deck has coil jig rest for easy coil placement.

The posts are sporting 24k gold plated M3 flat head grub screws for the best conductivity. When the top cap is installed, the chamber is reduced giving the user great flavor.

The juice well's depth is also sufficient to hold a great amount of liquid. The base material is made out of 316L surgical-grade SS (satin finish) for a clean look.

It is also sporting dual base o-rings to keep caps nice and snug. 24k gold plated BF-pin is initially installed and is removable by allen key.

IAB System (Interchangeable Airflow Block)

Main feature in WICK’D RDA is the ability to remove the airflow block and change it according to your airflow preference.

The package has 3 airflow blocks included (1 installed and 2 included in goody bag). The airhole sizes are (1) 2mm x 7mm slotted airhole, (2) x2 2mm x 3mm slotted airholes, (3) x3 2mm round airholes. These airflow blocks will enable the end-user to experience various air intakes according to users preference from loose DL, restricted DL up to MTL.

All the airholes are angled downwards for the benefit of squonk users so it will not over-squonk that easily. Also, aside from providing different airhole options, removing the airflow block will provide the user plenty of space to play with coils and builds.


WICK’D wants end-users to receive a bang-for-buck atomizer package so they have included a 316L satin finish slammed cap and a clear top cap which will give your setup a minimalistic low-profile look. Black coated slant ring and driptip will also be included in the package. The spare part bag will have x4 post screw, regular positive pin, allen key and o-rings.


▪22mm outer diameter

▪316L SS base material

▪Bright Satin finish

▪PEEK insulators

▪Horizontal slotted post

▪24k gold plated M3 post screws (flathead)

▪Nitrile o-rings

▪Coil jig guide

▪x3 Interchangeable Airflow Block

-- 2mm x 7mm slotted hole

-- x2 2mm x 3mm slotted holes

-- x3 2mm round holes


▪316L SS slammed cap (Bright satin finish)

▪Clear cap


▪316L SS Black coated slant ring

▪316L SS Black coated 510 drip tip

▪Spare bag: Nitrile o-rings, allen key, spare post screws

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4 Reviews

Best RDA of 2018
Definitely the best RDA of 2018 and so far the best of 2019 still. The 3 hole and 2 hole optional inserts you can buy are the best airflow for it IMO. Definitely my top atty. I have 2 in my daily rotation.

Outstanding flavor, silky airflow and very elegant design. My favorite, thanks for the recommendation.

The best!
The best!


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