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Everyone knows that the WICK’D deck is easy to build so why not encorporate its components with the ReWick’D since the name says it loud and clear. Adequate space for coils to sit in, exotic coils can fit easy. Chunky building posts on both sides with horizontal slots for easy building and with M2.5 post screws to keep your coils in place.Juice well is deep enough as well.


Everyone likes options, especially with the airflow. We all know WICK'D has already provided that aspect but this time we have made the ReWick'D's airflow inserts better as it is easier to remove and install. Instead of using screws to secure the airflow insert, we use o-rings instead. If you're wondering if the airflow insert will rotate overtime during use, it won't. There is a rounded square cutout same as the WICK'D to prevent the airflow insert from rotating. Each airflow inserts also has small notches on the side so it'll be easy for everyone to remove and change the airflow insert according to your preference. As everybody has been raving to make a dual sided airflow, then your wish is our command. We have provided a total of 7 airflow inserts in the package with 3 varieties x 2 and 1 blank airflow so you can mess around your preferred airflow and you can do either single or dual sided airflow - versatility and functionality!


○ 2 pcs. 2mm * 4mm slotted - a loose but smooth airflow which will be ideal for those chunky exotic coils.

○ 2 pcs. 2 * 1.5mm round holes (restricted DL) - a smooth but with a restricted pull airflow that would be an ideal vape for vapers that uses baby alien/fused claptons.

○ 2 pcs. 1.2mm round hole (MTL) - this set of airflow would be perfect for vapers who uses simple round wires with a resistance around 0.8ohm up to 1.2ohms. It gives it's user a perfect MTL draw to mimic how we smoke cigarettes before.

○ 1pc. Blank airflow insert - this is an add-on for those who wants to use it with single-sided airflow.

*** D/T systems ***

This is probably one of the best part, ReWick'D isn't only an RDA unit but also has a separate RDTA system as well, meaning we have included these two different atomizer systems in one package. Talk about an awesome package.


- The RDTA system has 4.0mm wick holes that can fit a chunky piece of cotton or mesh rolls. Like the T, it also has a breather hole to release air pressure when filling the tank. The fill hole is located under the airflow insert so you can just remove the airflow insert and fill up the tank section. The tank barrel is made of PC1000 frosted finish. (RDTA doesn't have a squonk option)


- The Dripper mode system is basically has the same specification with the RDTA minus the RDTA function.


We will be including a 316L slammed cap with black PC1000 drip tip. Nitrile o-rings, spare post screws, allen key and regular solid pin for RDA.

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