Nubo RDA by Hussar Vapes
Nubo RDA by Hussar Vapes
Nubo RDA by Hussar Vapes
Nubo RDA by Hussar Vapes
Nubo RDA by Hussar Vapes

Nubo RDA by Hussar Vapes


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The Newest addition to Hussar Vapes Family of atomizers. Hussar Nubo RDA. It is designed to bring the most versatile experience we ever delivered in RDA. Designed and Manufactured in Poland, Europe. It has been crafted to deliver the interchangeable airflow system to suit wide variety of vaping styles. Using the PEEK airflow guide Nubo maximizes the velocity of the airflow hitting the coil bringing more flavorful experience. In production process there has been only used the highest quality materials outsourced solely from Europe. This will be also the most restricted in numbers project from Hussar as always fully serialized. Each atomizers comes with it’s certificate of authenticity with special 16 digit code matching serial number.

Package includes:

1x Hussar Nubo RDA

- 304L Stainless Steel Deck

- Brass Positive Post

- Brass BF Pin

- 316L Stainless Steel Top Cap

- Peek Airflow Guide

- 2x Stainless Steels Screws.

1x SS Beauty Ring

1x Peek Adapter

1x 316L Drip Tip

1x Peek Insert with Dedicated Drip Tip

1x Warranty Card

1x Non BF Pin

1x Hussar Custom Packaging box

1x Spare Oring Bag

- 6x1 NBR70

- 15x1 NBR70

- 16x1 NBR70

- 17x1 NBR70

- 2x Extra Stainless Steel Screws


- Gold Plated Positive Post for best conductivity

- Gold Plated Positive Pin BF and Non-BF

- Adjustable Airflow for all inserts

- Interchangeable PEEK Airflow guide System

- Interchangeable Top Cap inserts from Wide Bore to MTL

- Single Coil


With Nubo there are 2 things we strived to achieve. Ease of Airflow interchangeability and Big Airflow Pressure. And so we deliver the Peek Insert system to achieve both of them at the same time. Airflow system is designed to be smaller on the Exit and bigger on the intake maximizing the airflow pressure to bring better taste. With Peek insert you can change your experience easily after you put a coil into atomizer.

Standard Airflow Guide:

Intake: 12.5mm^2 - each side

Exit: 5.8mm^2 - each side

For comparison Legacy II has 7.3 mm^2 on each side


Nubo RDA


Height without drip tip: 17,5

Height with drip tip adapter: 26mm

Beauty Ring

Diamater: 24mm

Height: 8mm


Airflow Guide: 17x1

Peek Top Cap: 16x1

Base: 17x1

Drip Tip: 2x 6x1 Silicon

Pin: 3x1

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