Legacy RDA by Hussar Vapes
Legacy RDA by Hussar Vapes
Legacy RDA by Hussar Vapes
Legacy RDA by Hussar Vapes
Legacy RDA by Hussar Vapes

Legacy RDA by Hussar Vapes


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"Legacy" by Hussar Vapes is the result of 8 months work oriented towards the development of a new original idea that exceeds the preceding the qualities of Hussar RDA 1.0. due to its improved structure and power system.

Legacy has been designed to fit people who use more fruity/fresh Liquids while maintaining a lot of custard profile. There are 2 slots with 7,14 mm^2 each totaling at 14,28mm^2 in comparison to Hussar RDA 1.0 which had 2 slots with 4,66 mm^2 each totaling at 9,32 mm^2 so expect around 150% of the Hussar RDA 1.0 airflow size.

Screws has been specially designed for this project. In order to deliver much more pleasant building experience Hussar team tested many different solutions and materials, deciding on the 1,8mm wide flat surface beneath the head of the screw in order to let you easily use any wire you want to without a need to bend it. Used Stainless Steel for those in order to ensure longevity and reliability.

Legacy is using seen before on the Hussar RDA 1.0 but improved feeding system. When pushed sqounk bottle release the liquid on the both ends of the cotton. Listening to feedback Hussar team widen juice wells of the atomizer in order to ensure much more puffs from each sqounking. Excess of the liquid gets sucked back and there is around 1 - 1.5ml of Liquid left in the atomizer (depending on how much cotton you put into the well) which last for around 20 hits before a need to sqounk. This system also makes the atomizer pretty hard to over sqounk. It comes with Non BF pin in the set.


- steel material 316

- handmade finishing for polished edges

- Satin deck handmade

- pin bf classic in the set

- positive gold plated pins for the best conductivity

- flat screws in stainless steel

- packaging wood that acts also stand for regeneration by Custom Wood

Legacy by Hussar Vapes:

- Made from 316 Stainless Steel

- 2x Black NBR70 15x1 Orings

- 1x Black NBR70 3x1 Oring

- 4x Custom Built 303 Stainless Steel Flat Screws

- Handfinished for Round, Smooth Edges.

- HandFinished Satin Deck

- BF pin for a side feeding system

- Gold Plated Positive Post for the Best Conductivity

Bag of spares:

- 2x Black NBR70 15x1 Orings

- 1x Red Silicone 15x1 Oring

- 1x Black NBR70 3x1 Oring

- 2x Custom Built Stainless Steel Flat Screws

- NON BF Pin

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